• Back Pocket Questions - Some go-to questions that can help you quickly shift into coaching mode. Learn more about back pocket questions that can help you tell less and ask more in this video:

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  • What you said: Culled from among more than 250 responses to a survey we prepared as part of the registration for our July 30 webinar with Multipliers author Liz Wiseman and collaborator Shawn Vanderhoven, here are some highlights from what people said are their biggest challenges and also ways in which they’ve felt empowered or tried to empower others.

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New! The Multipliers virtual learning journey

Through the magic of technology, we're now able to offer a rich, virtual learning experience that closely matches the original in-person simulation based on Liz Wiseman's groundbreaking bestseller. The virtual session combines the interactive features of Zoom with the proprietary BTS Pulse platform to create a robust virtual learning lab.

We're putting together some public Multipliers sessions, and we'd like to get a feel for your level of interest so we can best accommodate your needs. Let us know here and we'll notify you about available dates and sessions!

Also available: Multipliers coaching for individuals and teams (new!) - contact us for details or inquire here.

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