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Presenter Christine DiDonato:
Career well being: How to get it and keep itTaking control of careers: A case study

Live up to your potential. Find your path.

Take control of your career this summer with a powerful self-awareness journey – launching July 1 and available through August 31. You will learn to navigate your career progression based on an authentic vision of success and connected to your unique strengths, personal values, and interests.

Whether you’re ready for a change, striving for a promotion, or simply want to validate if you’re on the right path, this self-paced learning journey was designed for you.

We’re proud to offer this unique opportunity to learn from one of our thought leaders, LinkedIn Learning author Christine DiDonato.  Christine will guide you through a powerful self-awareness journey where you will learn to navigate your career progression based on an authentic vision of success—connected to your unique strengths, personal values, and interests.

This course is self-paced and will be available July 1-August 31. We'll host a followup session with Christine on September 12, from Noon-1pm Eastern.

During this summer learning journey, you will:

  • Discover the work activities that bring you the most energy (and the ones that drain you)
  • Complete a personal values assessment to identify what’s most important in your life and align that to future career decisions
  • Create a new vision of success
  • Uncover career-limiting blind spots that could derail  your progress
  • Identify immediate opportunities for purposeful growth
  • Prepare for career conversations with those who have the power to support you
Total time: 1 hour of video lessons + time for assessments and assignments.

About Christine DiDonato

Christine_DiDonato_v2Christine DiDonato is the author of Get There Faster: The no-nonsense, no-fluff guide to the career you want and founder of Career Revolution Inc., an Advantage thought leader partner. As a former talent management executive at Sony, Christine focused her passion and research on developing the youngest generation of employees to become the next generation of leaders.

Christine is a seasoned facilitator who partners with clients to move beyond theory and academics and to put tangible solutions in place that address the challenges of our new workforce. She is recognized as a leading expert in her field as seen in her contributions to popular media sources including TIME, Money, Inc., Forbes, Human Capital Institute, Society for Human Resource Development, and USA Today.