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Rob Cordova - ut-of-the-box innovation and leadership workshops

Experience the magic of Rob Cordova – hard to describe, impossible to forget!

Engaging, practical, unboring ... and no slides allowed!

A rising star in the L&D field, Rob Cordova is known for transforming corporate learning into a dynamic and impactful experience. His activity-based approach has empowered thousands of participants in over 20+ countries to think more creatively and embrace experimentation and change. Advantage Performance Group invites you to get to know Rob and his unique style as he leads flyovers and a complimentary, 4-hour virtual workshop for us in June. You won't want to miss this opportunity to experience the magic of Rob Cordova for yourself!

Growth and Innovation: Embracing and Driving Change

  • Flyovers: Tuesday, June 4, from 4-5pm ET or Friday, June 7, from 9-10am ET
  • The full 4-hour virtual experience: Thursday, June 20, from 11am-3pm ET

Registration for our events is now required via Zoom.
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This workshop offers a perfect mix of techniques and learning activities to influence leaders at all levels to identify ways to become more innovative. Participants will identify strategies to challenge norms, stay open to new ideas, and take risks while taking ownership of their role and influence toward their team’s creative climate.

At the conclusion of this course, leaders will be able to:

  • Explain techniques to generate, evaluate, and present new ideas.
  • Describe multiple tools and a process to move innovative ideas.
  • List ways to add more creativity into their leadership style. 

About Rob Cordova

Whether delivering his own courses or designing new training programs for Fortune 100 clients, Rob’s passion and expertise make his workshops practical, accessible, and unboring. Known for innovation courses that actually enable companies to generate real-world ideas, his workshop offerings have expanded to sales, product training, development planning, collaboration and delegation.

His 20-year training career includes experience in such heavily regulated industries as pharmaceuticals, energy, and financial services, as well as expertise in operations, customer service, and quality. His activity-based approach has empowered thousands of participants in over 20+ countries to think more creatively and embrace experimentation and change.

\Rob received his master’s in Business Education from New York University, and designed and teaches the Innovation and Resilience course for the Gabelli School of Business at Fordham University in New York City.  His recent and current clients include American Express, AOL.com, Avery Dennison, Costco, Delta Airlines, Estee Lauder, Lowe’s, McGraw-Hill, and Siam Commercial Bank. 

A contributor to SupportWorld magazine and the Journal of Education for Business, Rob is a citizen of the world who now makes his home in Utah. 

“ Without creativity, our leaders are faced with solving tomorrow’s problems with yesterday’s solutions... and that just won’t work.” - Rob Cordova

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