If your people are like most, they are very talented in their functional areas of expertise but might not understand the bigger picture as well as you would like.  Interplay is a hands-on business acumen simulation that will give everyone (whether they’re from Operations, HR, Sales, Legal, Marketing, or even Finance) a dynamic view of how their decisions can drive value for your customers and your company.

Two options! Join us on Tuesday, November 14, from 9-10am Eastern or on Wednesday, November 15, from 4-5pm Eastern.

Interplay has been called a “mini MBA-in-a-day” for good reason. It builds a broad understanding of the critical factors that influence success or failure in any organization. Originally created for both Apple and Microsoft, Interplay has subsequently been used by many other leading organizations.

Developed by our thought leader partners at 10,000 Feet, Interplay's livevirtual edition fully recreates the game content, colorful game board, and competitive experience.

Working in teams, participants develop strategy and resolve business challenges. No matter which resolutions they come up with, the Interplay experiential learning process makes clear which decisions and activities have the greatest business impact on the company’s short and long-term success.

Your host: Irv Stern


Irv Stern, partner at Advantage Performance Group, brings more than 30 years of consulting and facilitation experience with clients across a broad range of industries. A seasoned business and financial literacy specialist, he also helps organizations improve business results in the areas of sales effectiveness, strategy execution, organizational change, and performance management. His global experience includes work in Asia, the Middle East, South America, and throughout Europe. Facilitating Interplay is one of Irv's specialities!

More about Interplay

  • Download an overview (pdf)
  • Used at SAP to help salespeople understand their customers - By going through the Interplay experience, our sales managers have greater empathy and awareness of the challenges our customers are facing – and what their pain-points are. Interplay helps our managers teach their teams how to approach customers and conduct value conversations.
  • Voted best event at HR Indiana - An Advantage team, together with creator Brent Snow, brought the house down after they presented the popular Interplay simulation to HR Indiana 2016, one of the largest human resources conferences in the U.S.
  • Used as part of a leadership development program at Varian Medical Systems - Advantage partnered with Varian Medical Systems to build an optimal learning journey that integrates the best of brain science and professional development thought leadership.
  • Interplay event for Nashville business leaders earns $1,400 to combat hunger -
  • Here's what participants have had to say

    "I really enjoyed the hands-on experience. It's the perfect way to learn."

    "It's challenging to focus on other areas (people, org., etc.) when so focused on my own role (finance)."

    "(I gained) confidence in business acumen skills to better communicate with my business partners."

    "Managing conflicting priorities is the key to success."

    "Trade-offs, negotiations/compromise for long-term gain."

    "It's important to weigh all factors to strategically decide where to invest."

    "What I like about this game is I can really see the power of key stakeholders who are willing to put into it the amount of effort that we put in today to understand each other's language ... in a playful, fun environment."

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