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  • What: Live, interactive webinar on building a more inclusive organization
  • When: Thursday, Dec. 3, at Noon Eastern
  • Takeaway: Successful strategies and practical steps to expand your datasets and your mindset

Communities and organizations everywhere are creating initiatives to raise awareness and build a more inclusive society, especially in the workplace. Increasingly, business leaders are recognizing a direct connection between organizational performance and effective strategies for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Please join us on Thursday, Dec. 3, at Noon Eastern as we explore practical ways you and your organization can heed the call for a more inclusive world, starting now, by expanding both your datasets and your mindset. The 45-minute, live interactive webinar will conclude with an additional 15-minute Q&A.

Facilitating the session will be our thought leader partner Brent Snow, founder and creative director of 10,000 Feet LLC, and co-developer of the popular DEI simulation in use worldwide, The Inclusive Leader: Maximizing the Mix.

"Inclusion isn't a compliance activity. It's a cultural change and a business differentiator." - Brent Snow

Organizations with diverse teams and inclusive cultures make better decisions, but many times leaders don't know where or how to start, or they are afraid of making missteps.

Register now to attend (or get access to the replay) and learn strategies from the program that are successfully working for organizations and come away with specific, practical steps you can use right away to get started.

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