Harness the full intelligence of leaders, teams, and technologies.

Change your mindset from one of fear or confusion to one that embraces the potential and power of generative AI and the 7 realms of intelligence you can harness to better contribute and lead in your role at your organization.

These events have concluded, but you can watch a flyover replay.

  • Flyovers: Thursday, May 9, 9-10am ET OR 4-5pm ET
  • Hi: The Core Experience: Wednesday, May 22, from 11am-3pm ET
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Hi™ equips leaders with a transformative mindset and an AI-powered toolkit to harness their Intelligence Ecosystem™. This includes their team, their organization, their customers, their technologies, and more.  

Busy leaders often over-rely on a narrow swath of the intelligence available to them. Leaders who master the art of leveraging AI to access their intelligence ecosystem can make better, faster decisions and lead with agility

Program developers/facilitators


Hi™ is the newest Advantage thought leader partner and the brainchild of co-founders Jim Perry, left, and Richard Hodge. Jim is a master learning designer and facilitator, author of the Multipliers simulation, and had a 17-year career with BTS, including leading key portions of the SAP flagship programs. Richard founded the Real Learning Company, was a co-founder of Advantage Performance Group, and is lead designer of the Collective Genius simulation.

Hi™ has key partnerships with Advantage Performance Group (we're a network of professionals and thought leader partners offering creative learning and consulting solutions), USC Marshall (providing access to the Experiential Learning Center and USC faculty), and 1st90 (an innovative team specializing in the design of strategic, immersive, and impactful digital learning journeys). 

Hi™: The Core Experience

Most busy leaders, most of the time, access only a narrow swath of the intelligence available to them — their Intelligence Ecosystem™ — to make decisions and lead their teams. This dynamic program provides a systems-thinking approach and advanced, proprietary AI tools, methods, and practices to help leaders access 7 realms of intelligence to better address organizational, team, and personal challenges.

In The Core Experience, participants explore and use a comprehensive 42-piece toolkit as well as develop their general skills for using AI resources.

Experiential learning approach:
This hands-on session engages participants in using diverse generative AI capabilities for creation, analysis, problem-solving, and prioritization. Participants delve into their most pressing challenges, and emerge from The Core with AI-aided strategies and action plans for real-world issues.

This approach significantly reduces their apprehension and greatly enhances both their confidence and competence.

Program content:
There is a pre-class assessment to get learning started and engage the power of reflection. Also in the pre-work is a short video on the nature and evolution of AI in business to provide a baseline for all and general context.

During The Core, participants use an AI platform in triads and tackle a text-based and an image-based challenge. It’s fun, fast, and breaks the ice.

Then, through the eyes of a typical manager, they explore and learn about the Intelligence Ecosystem and its 7 specific domains. From there, participants get into the highly robust and easy-to-use, 42-piece toolkit and apply it, using an AI bot, with three real-world scenarios.

Participants get comfortable using AI with various challenges, while they dig deep into the known risks and how to avoid them. In the last module, they build strong skills around how to create and use “power prompts.”

The experience is all hands-on. Participants are immediately able to use what they have learned as well as access all the new tools.

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