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your career and your life.

BlueEQ is among the most accurate, comprehensive, and powerful emotional intelligence self-assessments available. Designed by a team of industry experts, social and behavioral scientists, instructional psychologists, and psychometricians, the BlueEQ self-assessment consists of 150 rapid response questions and takes an average of 20 minutes to complete.


How will BlueEQ benefit you?

  • 90% of characteristics for success are attributed to emotional intelligence.
  • 75% of the time the high EQ candidate will beat out the high IQ candidate**
  • 71% of managers value EQ over IQ**

“Emotional intelligence is not fixed. You can improve it and transform your personal and professional life.” —Dr. Timothy R. Clark

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Our free trial provides your overall BlueEQ score and a heat map indicating your competencies in 5 skills and 25 dimensions. The color-coded heat map helps you identify skills or dimensions to focus on developing, and offers suggestions on how to improve in those areas. There is no cost or obligation.